Wednesday, June 11, 2014

35 Weeks!!

Ok, so I'm getting bad about posting! Oops! I am 35 weeks (and 5 days) pregnant and the realization of everything is really starting to sink in! I can't believe that in a matter of weeks (really days!) we will be meeting our precious baby boy!! I can't wait to see what he looks like in person. What color hair he has. Just how much he looks like his daddy! I feel like I'm getting bigger & bigger every day. I'm starting to swell a bit (my nose & mouth area, my fingers & my toes!!). I'm trying to take it easy, but there's still so much left to be done before he gets here. Just taking it one day at a time!

I've had another shower since my last post! My sister and sister-in-love threw a shower for me in Arkansas for my family and close family friends! It was a very special day! We ended up getting almost everything we needed for Mason! We have all the furniture for his room, a pack-n-play, a swing, a rock-n-play, all kinds of clothes, toys, bath stuff. We are so truly blessed to have the awesome family and friends that we do!! Mason is so loved already!!

Look @ that cake!! So cute!!

Me w/ my two grandmothers, Grandma Wentz & Grandma Cash

Addyson loved helping me open the gifts :) and check out that cute 31 bag!!

Me w/ the hostesses! Natalie (my sis) and Jennifer (my sis-in-love)

Mom (Maw-Maw) and me!

Me with my girls (missing Neela) niece Alexis, cousin Caroline, niece Addyson & niece Faith!
35 Weeks

Due date: July 11, 2014
Countdown: 30 DAYS!!!!!
Size of the baby: About the size of a honeydew melon!
Maternity clothes: Yes yes & yes
Gender: BOY! Mason Richard Burnside
Movement: So. Much. And slightly painful.
Sleep: More like lack thereof.
What I miss: Laying down on my stomach!
Cravings: Cereal, ice cream, Coke icees, pizza!
Symptoms: other than just FEELING really preggo?
Best moment this week:  Being one week closer to meeting my baby boy!
What I'm looking forward to in the next week: My doc appt!