Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mason's First Snow Day

I don't really have a whole lot to say on this post. I just wanted to be sure & document Mason's very first snow experience! We lasted outside a total of 3 whole minutes. I laid the blanket down, sat him down on it, and snapped some quick pics! The picture above was the only picture I got of him even partly smiling. He was not sure what to think about that white stuff fallin from the sky! I could also tell he was really I got what I could and we ran back inside to warm up!

Hope yall enjoyed your snow days!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mason - 7 Months

Mason Richard Burnside

Age: 7 months
Weight: 21 lbs
Height: ?
(we will find this out @ his 9 mo. check up!)
Mason loves:
  • Getting his belly tickled - Mason is starting to become a lot more interactive! If he's in a good mood, He will laugh when you tickle his belly! He's also ticklish on his thighs! His little giggle is precious. I can't get enough!
  • Sitting/standing up - He has started sitting up really well on his own now. He will still fall over, but honestly now I think it's because his back gets tired so he likes laying down to stretch out! But his newest thing is standing. If I would hold him up and let him stand all day long, I think he would! He locks his legs up (especially when I try putting him in his high chair, which can be kiiiinnndddd of annoying). He likes holding on to my hands and if he's standing on the bed, he likes to pretend that we are jumping up and down! (I realize I could be starting bad habits. But I'm pretty sure he'd figure it out sooner or later anyway!)
  • Chewing on EVERYTHING - Like..everything yall. The other day, I left a roll of toilet paper on the floor for .5 seconds and when I turned around he had half of it unraveled and half of that in his mouth! (Talk about minor freak out moment) I had to fish it all out of his mouth. Silly kid!!
  • His Daddy - I realize I put this on here with almost every monthly update. But Mason's love for his Daddy grows more & more every day. It's sooo sweet! If Brandon comes home and doesn't pick him up or talk to him for a good 2-3 minutes, Mason will start crying until he does! He LOOOVES his Daddy!

Food: Mason LOVES food. (I wonder where he gets that from?!) He takes around 3-4 8oz bottles of formula a day. He also eats 2-4 containers of baby food a day. In the morning, he has fruit & oatmeal. For dinner, he has meat/rice/veggies and sometimes fruit. All of which is all puréed. Yesterday, I gave him a little piece of slightly mushed up carrot and he just swished it all around his mouth with his tongue. He was a little weirded out by the texture.

Sleep: Mason is now taking two naps a day! (And the angels broke out in chorus, "HALLELUJAH!") We have started a little schedule for him. After his breakfast, anywhere between 9am-10am, I lay him on my bed and lay beside him until he falls asleep. If I continue to lay beside him (either nap with him or bring stuff in there to work on while he sleeps), he will sleep for 1.5-2 hrs. If I don't lay beside him, he will only sleep for about 45min-1hr. Same goes for his afternoon nap around 1pm-2pm. Sometimes as late as 3pm. We aren't real strict on WHEN he falls asleep. Just on the fact of him actually falling asleep. He's a happier boy when he naps!

Milestones: Mason is sitting up very well, as you read above. The other night he tried to crawl and I freaked out. I'M NOT READY YALL! Every time he'd get up on his knees, I'd say "OH MY GOSH!" and then he'd stop. Oops. :) He also grabs things very well, jabbers a lot, and can now clap his hands! He loves pattycaking.

I am absolutely LOVING this stage he is in right now. He's mobile, but not too mobile. He's happy a lot! I've known how awesome of a kid he is. But all this smiling, talking, clapping, and laughing makes me love him that much more. I don't want him to grow up! But I'm excited to see him grow up all in the same mixed up, bittersweet emotions. Being Mason's momma is the most amazing blessing I've ever experienced.