Thursday, March 3, 2016


So here's the deal. I've written and re-written this post one too many times. I haven't blogged in six months and it's because I haven't been able to put my words together. Too many times did I sit down to type my thoughts and the enemy whispered to me, "Who really cares what you have to say?" Well, the fact of the matter is, I don't really care. During Mason's pregnancy and first year of life, I blogged at least once a month to document it all. I only blogged ONCE during Reese's entire pregnancy. And that's just unfortunate. But I will not dwell in the past. I will carry on and keep on typing. For me. And for the sake of documenting all of the things I'm sure I'll forget one day.

Both pics taken on the day of birth!

My childREN. Two of them. What?

So, I'm now a mom of TWO! Holy. Crap. Since I had a c-section with Mason, I had a repeat section with Reese. [Pretty sure the Lord did not intend for me to push a baby out anyway. Shout out to the mamas who have. Remind me to hug you next time I see you!] Yes, c-sections suck, too. But I will say the recovery this go round has been MUCH better than the last! I'll spare you the details. One major thing that's been different is my hormone levels. After I had Mason, I was an emotional wreck. Granted, the whole breastfeeding thing pushed me over the edge a little. But even after I switched Mason to formula, my levels were just all over the place. I was happy, sad, angry, pissed, hangry, sad. I would just cry and cry and cry my eyes out. This time, I'm happy. Blessed. I'm ENERGIZED?! [Yes, I just said that.] Even with the lack of sleep, I feel like getting outside or playing on the floor with Mason. I've been cleaning the house more. And I'm pretty sure it has everything to do with my time I spent in prayer the day Reese was born. I had so many worries that I would go through what I went through with Mason. The internal complications. The hormones. The sadness. So, I decided to defeat my enemy with the power of prayer. I prayed and prayed and prayed that day. On the way to the hospital. While I was getting my spinal. Even during the surgery. I prayed for peace that passed all understanding. I prayed for the Lord's presence to be with me every step of the way. And I felt it. I felt Him. From the day we brought Reese home, I have felt different. I feel like I have an even better grip on life than I did before I even got pregnant with Mason. And I'm so so grateful for that. [p.s. there's really not much to comment on my pregnancy -- it wasn't too different from Mason's!]

I did NOT want to take any pictures in the hospital...but I'm so glad my sis-in-law, Mandi, made me take this pic ;) I will forever cherish it. No matter how much of a hot mess I look!

My little pretty bow-head!

Those cheeks yall!

I'm not sure if yall know this...but I have a BEAUTIFUL baby girl! And the sweetest. She's such a good baby. She's a great eater and a great sleeper. I mean...she's only two weeks old. So she sleeps. A lot. But she's great at it ;) I still can't believe I have a daughter!

Mason's first time to "hold" Reese!

Mason's version of giving sister sugars...him leaning over [not touching her whatsoever] saying "awwwww"

I mean, there's really no reason for a caption here.
So back to that whole mom of two thing... if you couldn't tell, Mason's still not too sure about Reese. Obviously, he will come around one day and love her to pieces. But for now, he's just not interested. When she cries, he looks at me like he's saying "FIX HER, MOM!" He does like to "help" me in other ways though. If I ask him to pick up her paci or grab her a diaper, [most of the time] he does it. And then expects 10 minutes of praise for it. But hey, it could totally be worse. Yesterday was the first day for me to have both of them at home with me all day long. It wasn't that bad. Then again, Reese sleeps. A lot. So get back to me in a few months when she's older and needier ;)

I'm excited to get back into the world of blogging! Hopefully, I'll get back into blogging about things outside of #momlife. Maybe back to my "All Things Girl" days.

I'll leave you with a few hilarious pics of Mason. Because, why not?

"Little sister? What little sister? I'm just over here playin with this curtain."

"Can't touch this!"

Someone needed some attention...

Until next time...