Friday, April 24, 2015

Mason - 9 Months

Mason Richard Burnside

Age: 9 months
Weight: 21 lbs, 13 oz
Height: 29 in
[both height & weight are 75th percentile]

I'm about a week and a half late on this [since the stomach bug plague hit our house last week]! I haven't even had time to take his 9-month pics yet! So I'll give you the short version: Mason is crawling, pulling up, babbling like crazy, feeding himself and drinking from sippy cups & straws. He's still taking about 3 bottles a day and is starting to eat more table food. He LOVES his Dada, taking baths, getting his belly tickled, being outside, playing with his cousins, reading books, and watching Mickey Mouse! He has started fighting us on going to sleep at night. He gets so sleepy but just doesn't want to fall asleep. He's also been waking up in the middle of the night and won't fall back asleep unless he's in bed with us. Not sure if it's growth spurt or maybe he's having bad dreams. Either way, it's a tad bit exhausting. It's a good thing he's cute! :)

Dawn's (Brandon's sister) Wedding Rehearsal

Levi & Mason at Dawn's Wedding

The day Mason turned 9 months - at the doc's office w/ a stomach bug :(

Target run with Momma eatin our CFA for lunch ;)

Mason & Oreo nappin

Mason playin in the back of Pops' truck!!