Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy 1 Monthiversary!

We made it through our first month of marriage! I say that like it's a huge accomplishment. I guess when we make it past 73 days, at least we'll beat Kim Kardashian!

The first month of marriage has been great! I really love the apartment we're living in. It's the perfect size. Not too hard to keep clean! And since ours is in the back, we actually get a lot of privacy. It's been the best apartment I've ever lived in!

We've already made two road trips back to Arkansas! One for Mother's Day and the other was this past weekend, so I could sing at my parents church! I'm glad my parents are only 3 hours away! It's do-able in a day trip. And Biship (our dog) likes to visit MawMaw & Pops' house!

One thing I have learned in this first month of marriage has been how truly thankful I am for Brandon. MUSHY ALERT! I just thought I loved him while we were dating. He has been so good to me! He has shown me so much love and grace. He truly is the one God planned for me!! I have been so thankful for Brandon's family! They have been so open to welcoming me into the family! I love how big his family is. It's like automatic friends!!

Here's to 298344857 more months with my love!!!

Mudbug Madness 2013

Road trippin to AR for Mother's Day!

Road trippin to AR this past weekend!
Apparently, we like to take pics in our sunglasses! :)

Until next time...
Mrs. Amy Burnside

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  1. Sweet! I love it..... I'm glad you're so happy!!