Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mason - 5 Months

Mason Richard Burnside

Age: 5 Months
Weight: I'm gonna guess around 17ish lbs?
(Don't have another doc appt til next month!)
Height: I gonna guess 26ish inches?
Mason loves:

  • Rolling around on the floor - This dude discovered how to roll over onto his stomach and then roll back over onto his back within the past month. And now it's all he does! I will lay him down and not a minute later, he's in a completely different place! Which means I have to keep my eyes on him pretty much all the time now! Unless he's strapped into his swing ;)
  • Grabbing things - If's it's within arms length of him, he's going to try and grab it. Hair, food, drinks, my face, jewelry. 
  • Touching faces & giving sugars - Just within the last two weeks or so he has discovered people's faces. He loves to touch my face and give me sugars. He also likes to try and bite my chin and my nose. That's all fun and games until he starts getting teeth. And thennnn we have a problem.
  • Baby food - It's not new news that he's eating baby food. But yall....this kid LOVES it! It's like his favorite part of the day (besides when I let him watch Mickey & Baby Einstein ;)) Also, he has liked everything I have let him try. Apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, peas, squash. I think next we will try green beans & peaches...separately of course.
I canNOT believe I'm about to have a 6 month old! I can't handle it. I refuse to believe it. He is getting to be such a big boy!! We have had a crazy, hectic past month. We've spent lots of time with cousins and Mason has LOVED it! [I have too ;)] He looooves being with other kids. Babies, toddlers, big kids. All of them! And he got so used to being around other people, now when we are at home just the two of us he gets bored! So we'll go for car rides just to get out of the house sometimes!

Mason has learned a new trick. He has found his tongue and it is so cute! He'll stick it out and sometimes he'll try and blow bubbles. And now he's started sticking his tongue out when giving kisses. Love your kisses, son. But you can keep that tongue to yourself ;)

I feel like theres so much more I could write, but my brain just isn't functioning at 100% right now. [Does it ever?] So I'm going to awkwardly end this now. Umm..see ya later?

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