Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mason - 10 Months

10 MONTHS YALL. In two months I will have a ONE YEAR OLD in my home. WHAT?!

Alright, freak out over. Until tomorrow. [it's a daily struggle]

Mason Richard Burnside

Age: 10months
Weight: About 22 lbs?
Height: 30 in?
(height & weight are guesses since we don't have a check up this month!)

Food: Mason is still eating some baby food. He doesn't really like being spoon fed anymore. He doesn't mind the squeezables! So he's still getting his fruits & veggies. As far as big people food goes, Mason loves turkey, chicken, brown rice, breads, you know...healthy stuff...oh and he also loves mac-n-cheese & french fries. Duh! He's a kid.

Sleep: Right after he turned 9 months old, he had a little growth spurt and he was getting over a stomach bug so he got out of his normal pattern of sleeping. However, we are finally back on track! Until something else happens and messes it all up again ;) He's taking two naps a day! Morning naps are usually shorter around 45 minutes to an hour and afternoon naps are a little longer, about an hour to two hours.

Milestones: This kid is into EVERYTHING! He is crawling so fast. I can hardly catch him! He's pulling up and standing really well when he's holding onto something. He loves being read to and he loves looking at books! He also [still] loves Mickey Mouse! And playing with his cousins :)

{ pics featured on today's post are courtesy of my FAB sis-in-love, Jamie Beverage! }

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