Sunday, May 22, 2016

Life Lately

So it's been almost three months since I last posted! Oops. I know you've heard me say this multiple times, but time sure flies when your a mama of 2-under-2! It's actually kind of sad how fast it goes by!

On that note, my sweet baby girl is already 3 months old! She's the sweetest little thing. She weighs 11 lbs, 13 oz, and is 22 in long. {She's only grown two inches since she was born! Pretty sure she's going to be short like mama. Also, she's already doing thing WAY faster than Mason did.} She loves to smile and coo. She's already talking {you talk, duh} and loves to be sitting up so she can watch her Bubba play. She's not thrilled about tummy time, but doesn't hate it either. She tried rolling over this afternoon! Right after my heart broke a little, I told her she couldn't do that yet! Yall, these kids grow up WAY TOO FAST. And then they become toddlers like Mason...... {I'll just leave that there.}

Speaking of Mason. This age/stage he's at {22 months} is so bittersweet. I find myself absolutely gushing with love for him 50% of the time. And wanting to lock him in his room while he screams & throws fits the other 50% of the time. These tantrums he throws wear me the heck out. And it's over the silliest little things. Today, he threw one of the biggest fits he's thrown yet. All because he wanted to hold a flash card. HE JUST WANTED TO LEARN, YALL.  As soon as I said no, I immediately regretted it. Because you know...once you say no, you have to remain consistent. WHY DID I PICK THAT BATTLE. WHYYYY. But when he's not throwing fits, he's one of the cutest, funniest kids I know. Actually, he's THE funniest/cutest kid I know. Besides his Sissy of course. His personality cracks me up and he keeps me laughing.

One thing that remains the same is how they are only little once. Sometimes, I catch myself getting emotional just thinking about them growing up. I went to my nieces' dance recital yesterday and caught myself tearing up as I was thinking about Reese taking dance one day and watching her in her recitals. Or at her softball games. Or whatever she decides she wants to do with her spare time. And same with Mason. I'm excited about the opportunities I will get with them to watch them grow into their own little selves. But it makes me sad to know that they won't ever be little again. That's what pushes me to try and live in the moment and just remain grateful.

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