Monday, August 25, 2014

6 weeks already?

Mason - 6 weeks

I have a 6-week-old. Crazy! I can't believe how big he is getting already. Not sure exactly how much he weighs but we'll find out in a couple of weeks at his 2-month check up! He is definitely bigger than he was two weeks ago in his one month pics! With him getting bigger, his cheeks are getting chubbier. And I LOVE IT. I kiss them all day long! :) I am so thankful to be this little boy's mommy!! The Lord is really teaching me new things through this process. I'm excited to learn even more as Mason gets older and as we continue to expand our family! (But that won't be for another year or two!)

Oh...and there's more random thoughts in this post. Actually, just go ahead and prepare yourself for all my posts in the near future to be scattered. Since that's how my brain is these days!

More like BIG guy! This kid is GROWIN!!

I'm happy to say I am finally back to my "normal" self. Not so sure I was that normal to begin with. But all of my hormones have balanced out, I'm fully recovered from my c-section, and I finally have my energy back! My OB has now cleared me to work I don't have that awesome excuse anymore. Oddly enough, I'm actually 3 pounds lighter today than I was before I got pregnant. I'm glad the pregnancy weight came off. But totally did not expect to be smaller/lighter! It was an awesome surprise. I'm taking this as a moment of motivation to keep it going. Still trying to decide what method of "lifestyle change" I will be making. Have considered Weight Watchers, calorie counting, carb counting...just not sure yet. Also trying to start taking more vitamins. Which is a struggle since I have the most sensitive gag reflex and these vitamins taste NASTY! As Jimmy Fallon would say... "Ew"

One thing that has slightly changed since becoming a mommy is my defensive driving techniques. Before Mason, I will shamefully admit I would text and drive. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, that changed. And my phone use has gotten even more strict since I'm driving him around now! (Getting a car with bluetooth is definitely on the agenda) But instead of paying more attention to my driving, I have started paying more attention to other people's driving. I am appalled. Even just this morning as I was driving down 220, a lady passed us going 90mph (minimum) while doing her make up. SHE WAS APPLYING MASCARA!!! Holy crap people! I also saw two different guys (BOTH driving company trucks) accidentally swerve into the other lane when they were in front of me. When I passed them, one was trying to fix his GPS on the dash and the other was texting. Yall, I EVEN SAW A COP TEXTING & DRIVING! I realize we live in a fast-paced world and we think that if we don't answer that text right when we get it, it will be the end of the world. But PLEASE reconsider when you think about looking down at your phone! Anything can happen in a split second. If you don't do this for yourself, at least do it for all of the little kiddos out there that don't deserve to be hurt by your stupidity!

Wow. Ok. Not sure where that rant came from! Guess that's just the momma bear coming out.

Today is mine and Brandon's two year dating anniversary! I thank God every day for sending Brandon into my life! He has been amazing from day one and spoils me daily! He keeps me laughing and I love him so much for that! I am so blessed to have him as my husband and Mason is blessed to have him as his daddy!!

I am so grateful for this blog! It's so much easier doing this than keeping up with a baby book! Even though I do have a small one for him. But it'll just be for his first year. This will be his whole life! ;) Mason, I do not apologize in advance for how much I talk about kissing your sweet cheeks and changing your poopy diapers. My job as being your mommy is the best one I've ever had! You are my best little buddy and I wouldn't trade you for ANYTHING in the world!!

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