Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hellooo Second Trimester...

That's right! I'm officially done with my first trimester. I'm hoping praying that means the nausea will start to die down a little. It already has some! But my gag reflex is just so sensitive, as well as my sense of smell, so sometimes when I smell something awful it can make me a little nauseous. But still haven't not actually gotten sick yet. Thank you, Lord!!

We go for our gender appointment on the 20th! I will be 15 weeks by then. I know you're thinking that's too early. But our NP told us that the majority of their clients have been able to find out that early. So I said, "Shoot! Why not?!" We will be having a gender reveal party the first weekend in February. And my sis-in-love, Mandi, has talked us into waiting until the party for Brandon and me to find out then too! So the only person who will know ahead of time will be Kaitlynn (Mandi's sis-in-love), who will be making the cake for the party!

I can't believe that my due date is 6 months and 2 days away. This is all starting to get so real! My hormones have been going crazy lately, mainly with just lots of tears. Sometimes for no reason at all. But I did that before I was pregnant, so I'm really starting to feel sorry for Brandon! :) (He's been such an awesome support through all of this so far! I could not imagine doing life with anybody else but him!)

13 Weeks

Due date: July 11, 2014
Size of the baby: About the size of a lemon (3 inches, 1.5oz)
Maternity clothes: I got a couple of maternity tops for Christmas. They have been awesome! I've been going for the long tunic & leggings look. Pretty much like every day. It's soo comfortable!
Gender: Not sure! But in a few weeks, we will know!!! :)
Movement: None I can feel yet!
Sleep: I'm getting sleep..but not very good sleep. Toss & turn a lot! And it's only getting worse...
What I miss: my jeans! (NEVER thought I would actually say that!) I'm still a little small for maternity really I miss wearing jeans!
Cravings: This week it's been spaghetti noodles with butter & salt on them (I've been eating this since I was a kid, but for some reason just started eating it again!) and Rocky Road ice cream!
Symptoms: Sleeeepppyyyyness. It's getting a little ridiculous.
Best moment this week: Exiting my first trimester! 13 weeks down, 27 more to go!!!
What I'm looking forward to in the next week: Getting to go to Arkansas next weekend to celebrate my Mom's birthday!! :)

P.S. All of these posts are late. Of course. In true Amy fashion. Tomorrow I will be 14 weeks. But I feel like I'm at least doing good just to get these up once a week! Maybe I'll end up catching up...maybe.

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