Wednesday, February 5, 2014

IT'S A BOY!!! [17 Weeks]

You heard correct! It's a BOY!!! Brandon and I are so thrilled to find out this news! Mason Richard Burnside is so loved already! Of course we would have been equally as happy with a girl, but we are so excited it's a boy for several reasons.

My parents have 4 beautiful, precious, smart, talented granddaughters. Alexis, Faith, Neela, & Addyson have brought so much love & life to my parents (and to mine as well!) They love those girls more I think more than they love their own kids! ;) However, the only hope for my parents to have a grandson was for me & Brandon to produce a boy! So there's that for starters. Also, Brandon and I have discussed many topics that include having children, how many we want, etc. We always said we would love to have a boy first, because we believe everyone (boy or girl) should have a big brother! And of course, I know that Brandon would LOVE having a buddy to watch sports with, go hunting with, teach him all sorts of things... Therefore, we are STOKED for a boy!

How did we pick the name? In those many discussion topics regarding children, one thing we decided on quickly was the middle name for a son (especially if he was born first!) Brandon's middle name is Richard, Brandon's father's name is Richard, and my uncle's name is Richard (my uncle was also our officiating minister at our wedding), so the name Richard runs pretty deep. Knowing the middle name would be Richard, we started talking about first names. We threw a few of them out there, like Ethan, William, and Jack. We loved all of those. But Mason was a name I had loved forever, it was the only name we both agreed on, and that we both felt sounded really good with the middle name. So there ya go!

17 Weeks

Due date: July 11, 2014
Size of the baby: About the size of a sweet potato!
Maternity clothes: I feel a bump. It's just not very defined yet! :)
Gender: BOY!
Movement: I think I feel him every once in a while...slight flutters :) It's awesome!
Sleep: Almost non-existent. But thanks to my new Boppy body pillow, it's getting better!
What I miss: Can't really think of anything I miss at the moment!
Cravings: Still craving fruit. Have also loved me some Orange Juice & CranGrap Juice this week! And sweets as always :)
Symptoms: More back pain. Had my first case of pregnancy indigestion today..that's not fun!
Best moment this week: Knowing there's a little boy in my tummy!!
What I'm looking forward to in the next week: Keeping Neela Kate on Valentine's night! :) Slumber party!!

P.S. I promise to post pics of our fabulous Gender Reveal party in the next post!!

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